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Mail Solutions is committed to trading fairly, ensuring everyone in our supply chain is treated with fairness and respect at all times. Responsible and sustainable sourcing is central to all our procurement decisions. We will not condone any dealings with organisations, which are guilty of human rights abuses or have endangered the environment or the safety of staff or third parties.

Mail Solutions are always keen to work with suppliers that can offer us and our customers excellent quality and innovative products and services. If you think your company can meet these standards, please submit your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Current Tender Opportunities

Tender Opportunity - Inline Printing Process

27 May, 2022

Background – Mail Solutions UK Ltd are an envelope convertor and printer, with a customer base in the UK which is almost exclusively B2B. A review of business process has identified the requirement for a new inline printing process that will reduce energy consumption, reduce water consumption and improve on speed to market of the product making the product offering more competitive.

Opportunity – Mail Solutions currently operates an old off line Lithographic printing press that is inefficient for low volume work. Over the past decade the average volume length has reduced to the point where the current process is becoming unacceptably wasteful. We are looking to replace the inefficient machine with a new inline inkjet printing machine that can be retro fitted to an envelope converting machine. The machine will need to print one sided (simplex) onto uncoated or coated paper substrates as a speed of no less that 200m per minutes. As well the machine will need to integrate without existing machines so it can print in register and keep timing with the machine. Any proposal is to include prices for the supply, installation and commissioning, proposals must include CAD drawing of the equipment so we are able to evaluate if it will fit on to the conversion lines. A site visit is required to understand the machines the printing machine is to be fitted to and can be arranged with the project manager.

Capability – Suppliers are invited to provide the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions. We require to see working examples of the solution to assess its suitability.

Selection Criteria – The contract will be awarded to the most cost-efficient tender with the highest change of success.

Payment Terms – Payment will be made in stages and agreed as part of the contract discussions. Anticipated payment terms to be included in the prospective supplier’s quotation.

Cost – To be provided on the tender submission.

Timescales - The project should be complete within 6 months of the date of this letter. Complete tenders must be submitted by 27th June 2022.

Project Manager – Contact Name: Jonathan Higson | Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.